Why switch your website hosting to Clean Web Colorado?

1. So is this what you primarily do, host websites?
* We host most of our clients’ websites and very much enjoy working with our host partners, Liquid Web. All clients have their full, excellent support available when needed.

2. What does it cost?
* Contact us to talk about the best and most affordable hosting plan to perfectly suit your needs.

3. How long have you been doing it?
* We have provided and managed our own hosting services for over 15 years.

4. Is there any other commitment I should know about if I switch over to you?
* No commitments at all. Just pay for the time we host your websites.

5. How often is the site down for maintenance?
* Very rarely. Our downtime stats are similar or better than big box companies.

6. Are there any perks like seo, etc?
* While SEO services are not included in our basic hosting plans, we do offer a range of SEO services. There are other perks, however, like personalized service (just call me directly), faster page load times (no speed throttling here), and much easier account management.

7. Is there anything else you think I should understand here?
* Only that switching to our hosting will make your life easier. You can cancel and move anytime you feel, we save redundant backups so everything is protected, and you won’t get flooded with unneeded, ‘add-on’ extra emails.


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As a company looking to get a new website developed, you may be wondering how to ensure you squeeze as much value out of the project as possible. Even if you already have a site and are just rebuilding it to make it better, there are things to consider with your new site. And if you are a new company just building a site, you want to make sure your investment is well-made.

We work with companies both big and small, and there are certain ways we ensure clients are getting the most value out of working with us.

1. You design for the user

User experience is probably the single most important aspect of your site. If you have a beautiful site, but it isn’t usable, then no one will buy your product or service. There are a few pieces to this to keep in mind:

User-Centric Design – Design it with the target audience in mind as well as your purpose. If your site is for new moms and you are trying to sell them a product, then everything you design should be with those two things in mind. Make sure you do your research and understand your target as well or better than they understand themselves.

Navigation – keep your navigation clean and simple. You don’t want your users to guess at where to go, because they won’t. They will just leave.

Create Clear Calls to Action – Make it clear what action you want the user to take. It helps to use contrasting colors with CTA buttons so they stand out, and consider how the user’s eye tracks to get to that CTA button.

Functionality – Does the site work and load quickly? If not, make sure to optimize it so that it does. No one want to wait for load time.

Aesthetics – is it pretty? Again, this can’t replace user experience, but it is sort of the cherry on top.

Content – is your site well-written and help the user take the action you want them to? If you are selling products, you need to have descriptive images and copy. Let people really understand what they are buying.

Functionality – Does the site work and load quickly? If not, make sure to optimize it so that it does. No one want to wait for load time.

Aesthetics – is it pretty? Again, this can’t replace user experience, but it is sort of the cherry on top.

Content – is your site well-written and help the user take the action you want them to? If you are selling products, you need to have descriptive images and copy. Let people really understand what they are buying.

2. You ensure it is friendly –mobile and SEO

With mobile devices now driving 56% of the traffic to top sites, you are either mobile-friendly or you are soon going to be out of business. In general, most websites are responsive anyway, so it is almost a no-brainer to be mobile friendly. However, you want to make sure you think about load time here, especially for mobile, and think about the way a mobile user browses a site because it is different.

Also important is to ensure an SEO (search engine optimized) site. You don’t have to go crazy here, either. A simple few best practices will help your site gets noticed. Clean code, keyword-rich title-tags and metadata, and again, optimizes images to ensure a quick site load.

3. You are flexible with a realistic timeline

This is less about the design of the site and more about working with the design and development firm. It isn’t just a two-hour project to get a good website up and running. It should have more thought put into it, or you aren’t going to get the value form the site you are hoping for anyway.

Also, be flexible. A good site is consistently changing and growing. You can’t just finish your site and never think about it again. You should be checking your web statistics every month, and thinking about ways you can make it better for your users. Pay attention to their patterns and if they aren’t taking the action you want them to, then perhaps it is time to make a few design or copy changes.

It is important to work with a design and development company that understands how all of these things work together to provide value. A good firm knows to design for the user, will make it mobile and SEO friendly without even a second thought, and work within your timeline (as long as it is realistic).

Contact us to learn more about our web development services.

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repsonsive screen shots on mobile devices

Custom displays for iPad, iPad mini and iPhone 5.

Did you know that 65% of all digital media time is now spent on mobile devices and smart phones?

If your website is not already optimized, it would greatly benefit from a mobile ‘touch up’ so you don’t lose visitors or turn away potential traffic or sales.

We develop all new sites with responsive design in mind, right from the beginning, however, older sites that were built before mobile design was so important (or even existed!) should be updated.

Clean Web Colorado can modify your website style code so its display is optimized for mobile devices (tablets like iPad and smart phones including iPhones and Androids) – let us transform your current static website into a dynamic, flowing design that will look great at any size!

Contact us today to find out more and to get a custom estimate!

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*65% of all media time is now spent on mobile devices according to marketingland.com

responsive web design examples

Today I had a wonderful client of mine ask if it was possible to receive Google Calendar invitations that were sent to her other email account, such as a forwarder or other email provider.

We quickly resolved this by using 3 easy steps:

  1. For your alternate email address(es), create a Google account
  2. Go into the sharing settings and give your primary account full management rights (the account you want all the events to show up in)
  3. Make the ‘Automatically add invitations to my calendar’ setting “yes”

Your Google Calendar will now accept invitations being sent to your added email.

Google Drive shares will also be accepted that are sent to the alternate email address.

Easy! Awesome!


Today, Google has activated their mobile-friendly update for their search algorithms. Now, searches executed on smartphones will be affected by a web page’s mobile-friendliness score which could downgrade many popular websites who haven’t taken the time to address the rapidly growing trend. Apparently, searches from tablets will not be impacted by this change.

If not before, now is the time to make sure your website is mobile friendly, has good responsive design, and works great across all mobile devices. Contact Clean Web Colorado today to see how your website scores on mobile friendly tests and how we can help you improve your search power!

For more information and helpful links check out Tech Crunch’s great article:

We have built or worked on hundreds of small business websites over the years and often we find clients struggling to write and collect content for their website pages. Here are some helpful tips to getting started…

  1. Be Concise.
    People tend to scan rather than read every word so don’t waste space with rambling commentary. If eyes gloss over when reading to a friend you’ve overdone it.
  2. Be Relevant.
    Write specifics about your business, industry and market. You know your business better than anyone, right? Show visitors what you know and what you can provide. Imagine yourself as a newbie to your industry. What information would you be looking for? What are the first questions you would have?
  3. Be Useful.
    Google’s SEO Starter Guide states, “Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors…” So do that.
  4. Use Keywords, but don’t overdo it.
    Work with your web developer to find relevant keywords. Placing these throughout your content can help with search engines. Using them in every sentence or out of place is distracting and not helpful.
  5. Address Your Primary Goal.
    Are you trying to sell items online or direct visitors to your brick and mortar store? Are you trying to raise awareness of your brand or distribute information? Set one clear goal for your website so all paths can lead to one outcome.
  6. Convey a Mood.
    Is your business better served by showing how professional, how experienced, how friendly, or how affordable you are?
  7. Images Sell.
    Always take high resolution photos. Quality portrait and landscape images can be used by your web designer in a variety of ways so give them some options. Great product images are a must but don’t forget photos of your storefront, beautiful staff, and anything else relevant that might be helpful.

Want to save time and reach out to more customers? Now you can post to your blog and have it automatically emailed to your customers with reminders and announcements!

MailChimp is a great, free service to manage email lists, send campaigns, and track feedback.

Simply create a new blog post, select the MailChimp category and the post will automatically (via the magic of RSS) be added to an email template in your MailChimp account.

The blasts will then reach out to your selected recipient list on the pre-scheduled day and time. That’s it!

If you are interested in finding out what this can do for your business and/or website contact us today.

Be careful using online tools from companies like WebStarts, GoDaddy, etc.

I was hired to build a new website for a client’s two businesses. Her previous sites were hosted and built with WebStarts. They were quite rudimentary in design and capabilities. Many ‘drag and drop’ type editors have severe limitations. This is inherent in their design because complex coding is largely unavailable from WYSIWYG (‘what you see is what you get’) editors.

So we built a new website utilizing WordPress so she could manage her calendar of events and process registration.

The big problems arose when we discovered her account was unable to host other content via FTP (anything apart from the the site she built with the design tool). On top of that, her 5 year payment was non-refundable. Therefore, she had to pay for a new hosting package for the new website while still paying for the old service. ouch.

The lesson? Be careful when using an ‘easy’ website builder. You may seem to be saving a little and/or feeling in control of your website, but hiring, if not consulting, a web professional can save you time, money and hair loss in the future.

Congratulations to Sun Valley Mustard and their brand spanking new website! Browse products, order online, and get connected at sunvalleymustard.com. They have lots of announcements so tune in today.