Be careful with website builder tools

by Cory Ballentine

July 5, 2013

Be careful using online tools from companies like WebStarts, GoDaddy, etc.

I was hired to build a new website for a client’s two businesses. Her previous sites were hosted and built with WebStarts. They were quite rudimentary in design and capabilities. Many ‘drag and drop’ type editors have severe limitations. This is inherent in their design because complex coding is largely unavailable from WYSIWYG (‘what you see is what you get’) editors.

So we built a new website utilizing WordPress so she could manage her calendar of events and process registration.

The big problems arose when we discovered her account was unable to host other content via FTP (anything apart from the the site she built with the design tool). On top of that, her 5 year payment was non-refundable. Therefore, she had to pay for a new hosting package for the new website while still paying for the old service. ouch.

The lesson? Be careful when using an ‘easy’ website builder. You may seem to be saving a little and/or feeling in control of your website, but hiring, if not consulting, a web professional can save you time, money and hair loss in the future.

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