WordPress Updates and Security

by Cory Ballentine

April 6, 2023

Maintaining and securing your WordPress website is essential to ensure peace of mind and protect it from potential security threats. In this article, we’ll discuss some best practices for peace of mind maintenance and security updates for your WordPress website. With Clean Web Colorado’s ‘Peace of Mind’ Update & Maintenance Plan, you can leave the worry to us.   Get your ‘Peace of Mind’ Update & Maintenance Plan   Keep your WordPress core and plugins updated One of the easiest … read more »

Is your website mobile friendly?

by Cory Ballentine

October 17, 2016

Did you know that 65% of all digital media time is now spent on mobile devices and smart phones? If your website is not already optimized, it would greatly benefit from a mobile ‘touch up’ so you don’t lose visitors or turn away potential traffic or sales. We develop all new sites with responsive design in mind, right from the beginning, however, older sites that were built before mobile design was so important (or even existed!) should be updated. Clean Web Colorado … read more »

Google Calendar invites using alternate email addresses

by Cory Ballentine

March 17, 2016

Today I had a wonderful client of mine ask if it was possible to receive Google Calendar invitations that were sent to her other email account, such as a forwarder or other email provider. UPDATE * 1.24.23 There are a few ways to share Google Calendar invites using alternate email addresses: Add the alternate email address as a guest: When creating a new event, click on the “Add guests” field and enter the alternate email address. The invite will be … read more »

Writing content for your small business website

by Cory Ballentine

December 24, 2013

We have built or worked on hundreds of small business websites over the years and often we find clients struggling to write and collect content for their website pages. Here are some helpful tips to getting started… Be Concise. People tend to scan rather than read every word so don’t waste space with rambling commentary. If eyes gloss over when reading to a friend you’ve overdone it. Be Relevant. Write specifics about your business, industry and market. You know your … read more »