Why switch your website hosting to Clean Web Colorado?

by Cory Ballentine

June 26, 2017

1. So is this what you primarily do, host websites?
* We host most of our clients’ websites and very much enjoy working with our host partners, Liquid Web. All clients have their full, excellent support available when needed.

2. What does it cost?
* Contact us to talk about the best and most affordable hosting plan to perfectly suit your needs.

3. How long have you been doing it?
* We have provided and managed our own hosting services for over 15 years.

4. Is there any other commitment I should know about if I switch over to you?
* No commitments at all. Just pay for the time we host your websites.

5. How often is the site down for maintenance?
* Very rarely. Our downtime stats are similar or better than big box companies.

6. Are there any perks like seo, etc?
* While SEO services are not included in our basic hosting plans, we do offer a range of SEO services. There are other perks, however, like personalized service (just call me directly), faster page load times (no speed throttling here), and much easier account management.

7. Is there anything else you think I should understand here?
* Only that switching to our hosting will make your life easier. You can cancel and move anytime you feel, we save redundant backups so everything is protected, and you won’t get flooded with unneeded, ‘add-on’ extra emails.


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