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Big WordPress updates are coming – are you ready?

WordPress 5.0 is launching soon and this will be a huge update!

By far, the biggest change will be the Gutenberg system for editing pages and posts. This new editor will be extremely powerful for the common user to manage, without needing HTML or CSS coding knowledge.

While this new visual interface will make editing much easier, there are other issue to prepare for. I feel the most important consideration is plugin compatibility. Many websites employ multiple plugins, along with the custom template code, to provide needed services, offer specific user experiences, or just to save time and costs.

To make sure your website and plugins won’t break after the WordPress 5.0 update, it is strongly recommended that you manage the updates accordingly with full testing.


We can help you prepare and get ahead with two options:

  1. The 5.0 UPDATE PLAN – audit your website, prepare for all updates, and ensure a smooth transition to the new platform.

    Buy now, for only $165

  2. The KEEP ME UPDATED PLAN – keep all updates current, test and resolve plugin compatibility issues, and perform regular maintenance for your website.

    Sign up now, for only $45 a month [best value]

Also, if your current site is using WordPress 4.9.8, give the Gutenberg editor a try by downloading the plugin (from the WP Dashboard) in advance of the full update launch.


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